ZHUB ERP Solution for your Business

ZHUB ERP solutions simplify back - office process automation for Small, mid - sized, growing and large sized of businesses. It provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and much more. With ZHUB ERP solutions, any organization can accelerate business cycles, improve productivity & reliability, and provide higher levels of service to customers, suppliers and partners.

ZHUB ERP is solution, can help an enterprise to share information between various departments / functions and allows them to collaborate better and move towards common organizational goals. The number of functions and features required can be scaled to any level to fulfill required business objectives.

Highlights of ZHUB ERP Solutions

01. Benefits

No Client Installation

Easy Remote Maintenance

Platform & Device Dependent


Time and Location free

Access from Anywhere

Customers, Employees, Supplier

Easy to Use

Everybody knows browsers & Internet

02. Reduce IT costs

ZHUB ERP significantly reduces your overhead expenses. There is no need for installing any software, no need to buy and maintain any hardware and no up-gradation requiring complex re-implementation over time.

ZHUB ERP provides use real-time master controls (dashboards) for better decision making. Master Control will give you real- time snapshot of your business, allowing you to make better decisions faster. You can view leads, commissions, sales revenue and forecasts, new cases and more.

03. Why Us?

Easy to learn, simple user interface, cost effective and minimal implementation time

ZHUB ERP used the latest methodology; it is possible to implement either a few modules or many modules based on the requirements of an organization. If more modules implemented, the integration between various departments may be better

Data Stored Centrally on Server by the system, it enables centralized storage/back-up of all enterprise data

Multiple levels of security can be applied and all the transactions happening via the ERP systems can be tracked

Provide better company-wide visibility and hence enable better/faster collaboration across all the departments

Real Time Business Intelligence functionalities, that can give overall insights on business processes and identify potential areas of problems/improvements

04. Become a value added Partner

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Key Modules of ZHUB ERP.


Allows users to make account entries, create & share ledgers, TDS management, foreign currency management, Bank reconciliation, tax accounting, budgeting, logistics accounts, cash flow management, generate P&L statements, balance sheets and over 50 reports. One can get real time financial status of the organization.


Helps check the stocks for each product, notifications about variations in stocks due to sales, purchases, transfers, in-transit goods etc. It helps generate real time reports about opening and closing stocks. Classification of stock on basis of production batch, date, packing among others is made easy using ZHUB ERP.


Boost your sales by reaching out to customers on time, providing timely delivery, quality service & overall a beneficial purchase experience using ZHUB ERP. ZHUB ERP maintains critical customer information, facilitates order entry, product distribution, billing, credit management, taxation, export documentation and much more.


Production activities like material planning, billing, production planning, costing, process definition, machine handling and maintenance, among others can be streamlined to achieve cost leadership using ZHUB ERP. Critical processes like quality management & capacity utilization become easy owing to ERP Implementation.


The module provides insights into key inventory performance indicators to optimize hands-on stock levels while maintaining reliable supplies for on- time deliveries. The module allows valuation of inventory using weighted average, LIFO, FIFO etc and helps manage optimum inventory while keeping the costs low.


ZHUB ERP allows standardizing procedures right from capturing orders and turning them to production schedules, tracking inventory, managing delivery, billing and likes. Tracing lot numbers, production status, delivery status, checking production statistics, managing vendors for quality, adhering to quality standards procedures like ISO, OHSAS etc is made trouble free using ZHUB ERP.


  • General Trading
  • Contracting
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Jewelry Trading
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Manpower Supply
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Advertisement & Printing
  • General Services