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  • Virtual Office Assistant

    An ultimate Virtual office management solution suitable for any type of Business Organizations. This solution is ideal for managing employee related information, employee documents and different kind of office/company related documents and the expiry details. This can save time, money by converting your important paper based documents into searchable electronic files. Also you can track the expiry related details of any document. This will be an ultimate solution for document scanning and archival. Its unique scanning facility allows you to scan any document directly to your computer and store, retrieve, print and email your documents. An automated expiry Alert system alerts you before the expiry of any document. You can set your time schedules for the expiry alert system. Expiry Alert can give you the details of documents expired and going to expire in a pre-defined number of days. This system can save you from document expiry related headaches by prompting an early alert before the original document getting expired. Once the documents related details are entered in the computer, it will automatically alert the user before the documents gets expired.

  • Campus Management Software

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  • Cheque Printing Solution

    This software will help you to print your cheque in your own customized format. Thus, you can fully customize your cheque book. You can also get a statement with your all outward transaction. Client wise, Bank wise statement can be generated. The software has very easy GUI which helps the user to learn it easily. It supports printing works on all the printers from dot matrix, ink jet to laser printer.

    The Cheque Printing software is specially created for the fast growing companies i.e User do not have to enter any data twice. This helps the user to work faster with less stress and more accuracy.

  • Trading & Inventory Solution

    Inventory software that enables the administration to run the organization smoothly. This is such a software that empowers the management to visualize the entire business happenings of the organization sitting in front of a PC. The software ensures full data handshaking among the modules to ensure error-free operation with minimum effort and ensure availability of data when and where it is required. The cost centers can definitely improve the operational efficiency and save cost of operation through proper implementation of the modules. Software is a ready-made product. (with small customization) It has been developed while keeping in mind the exact requirement of a trading organization of any size.

    Quotation, Customer Management, Sales, Purchase, Reports, Payment, Receipt, Outstanding summary reports, Client / party wise ledger and all details on inventory and accounting part is also covered.

    VAT/GST is optional features in this software which can applied to required products.

  • Jewelry Manufacturing Process

    This software is useful for all jewellery manufacturing companies who can sit back and relax after installing this. This will help them to generate all inward, outward gold, silver or any metal. Also maintain all transaction with all workers and internal transfer between workers. Utility to generate ledger kind of thing to see the current stock and inward, outward of metal will be very easy after installing this software.

    This software also keeps records of all basic details about all employees working within factory and also keep basic information about their company.

  • Property Management Solution

    Property management solution, an online software which helps Builder, Broker, Estate agents to manage multiple projects, multiple sites, multiple clients. This software gives utility to manage sold/unsold property. There is utility to create unlimited branch, agents for particular project. Payment schedules, due payment, receipt all payment related things can be checked. Admin, Branch, Agent and Client can login and check their relavant information.

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